The Big Step Ahead by Callum Ho


First of all, to summarise my experience on the silver stage was amazing! On my first day on the silver stage I had visited some very unique Newcastle2designed based businesses in Newcastle upon Tyne. The places are called Different, Orangebus and the Toffee Factory. These businesses gave me the opportunity to see what graphic designing is really about. The first day out gave me the opportunity to learn new and different types of software. I am more familiar with the ABODE Photoshop because my brother is a designer and also uses Photoshop at home.

The business that had inspired me the most was the Toffee Factory because the work that they have produced was fantastic. In this image it shows how, some one has created the Sage in a unique way. However, I used my Photoshop skills on the second day, to apply on this image to show what I have learnt in the past two silver stages, the creative designs everywhere as we were walking to different companies and also we had pizza for lunch, it was lovely. I think I nearly ate a full one.

During the second day, I have had the opportunity to go to Northumbria University to learn how Photoshop works and how very popular companies use them in their work. These images are six designs that I did with Photoshop. CallumOne important thing that I have learnt from Mark is that you need to have passion and to have fun within everything that you do. This is I because it gives you the ability to learn new things and enjoy the things that you do. I have really enjoyed taking part in this silver stage and I hope I could have more opportunities like this.

I am Callum Ho, I am a product designer, 14 years old and I go to Burnside Business and Enterprise College.