The Musical Adventures of TICE by Aylisha Elliott


Hey guys, how are you all today? I am so jumpy and hyper because I have just had like the best day ever. Well, today we started off at Loft Aylisha1recording studio and there were a couple of people from different companies talking to us. They were all from different backgrounds and had different experiences in the music bizz which made it really interesting. When we got there, there were lots of people just chilling out, playing pool and having fun which was cool and made it . I learnt so much about what opportunities were out there for me as a lyricist. I was talking to the man from Loft for a little about the engineering because it looked interesting after seeing the room with all the controls. The amount of wires didn’t even put me off lol.

We walked over to the O2 Academy and had lunch. Thank god because even though Loft was good, I was so hungry. I guess that’s what I get for skipping breakfast. After lunch we were given a talk about the ins and outs of all things O2. The man talked about what happens before a show and how much prep goes into it. He mentioned about how they do all of the performers advertising and promoting. Afterwards, we had a look around dance floor. The two men were telling us some past stories and I was really intrigued because some were about some of my all-time favs such as: Stone Sour, Motorhead etc. We had a look around the entire academy and it is that interesting, even the toilets were sweet! Omg, the next bit was just, WOW! We went on the stage and I got to control the backing screen, right then and there I knew for a Aylisha2fact that engineering in the music bizz could be a cool thing to consider in the future. I had only done a bit at home when recording songs on my phone. I can’t sing you see so I use an app to change it to chipmunk then I create my own backing track.

I have just felt more comfortable around music than anything else before. Wish I could share all of my photos. It would be like you were there too. Would be class! So here’s my day. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

By Aylisha Elliott, John Spence Community High School.