The Silver Stage by Toby Attala

Hammerhead VR’s “Undercurrent” game for the Samsung Gear VR
Hammerhead VR’s “Undercurrent” game for the Samsung Gear VR

Last week I had a great day at the TICE (Twitter @TICE_UK), starting with a few talks from some really inspirational people, including Steve Jelley, business director of Hammerhead VR and Ross Linnett, CEO of Recite Me which is a team of people who created a piece of internet software that allows dyslexic people to hear webpages instead of reading them. Ross was a real role model for me as he had to change some of his career ideas entirely after he was diagnosed with dyslexia, leading him to pursue a line of work which followed on to him developing Recite Me, allowing him to meet the Queen and the current Prime Minister. In the first afternoon of the computer science silver stage we visited an animation team called Kuro Dragon and I think it looked like a really relaxed and fun workplace. We also talked to a few more people, one of which worked on animation projects in hospitals to help doctors learn. That was the end of the first day, and I was really excited for the second day.

On day 2 there was an eclipse in the morning. It was fantastic, if a little anticlimactic due to the clouds. The rest of the day certainly lived up to my expectations though!

Toby1First we went to Campus North, a small place where small companies and even people working on their own could work. Like Kuro Dragon the previous day, it seemed overall like a really relaxed place to work. After a small tour we went to a room and did some tangrams to simulate the process of designing and making a piece of software or hardware. After this we went back to our original room and used a basic online piece of software to create a storyboard based on something we did in the bronze stage. I thoroughly enjoyed this even if I didn’t manage to finish!

Overall I loved the computer science silver stage and I really hope I get into the gold stage! #TICEcomputerscience

Toby Attala, 13, Whitley Bay High School