On the first day of the silver stage, the day got off to a fantastic start. Before we had even got to Vrtgo labs we watched a solar eclipse (with glasses of course!). Apparently, it was the best one that will be seen in Whitley Bay for 100 years! So I took this as a good omen and marched on to Vrtgo labs!

So, once in the brand new Vrtgo labs – and I mean opening next week new – we started to get presentations/talks from people who had offices around the room. My favourite were the two men from HammerheadVR. I just found it amazing how some people who are so close to my age are so successful. (By the way, I am sorry if I spelt vrtgo labs wrong!). From that first section I am only disappointed that the oculus rift people weren’t there as the only European office was CS Silverthere (why o why did they have to be in Iceland)! Any way after talks from others like Recite Me and Vector 76 the first section concluded.

Later that day we met people form Kuro Dragon and Dronelab but for me the highlight was the first section.

So after the first day a common factor was that people were self-taught, so I went home, made a code academy account and completed a 3 hour html css course. I will soon be designing my dad’s aaa Elkin website but it won’t be done for a few weeks.


By Jonny Elkin, Whitley Bay High School.