This is creative pizza! by Emily Jardine


Toffee Factory VisitWhen visiting companies that you don’t know there are questions that need to be asked liked, “what does your company do?” or “what does your company specialise in?”

Well… that chance was given to us by TICE which has given more people an understanding in what graphic design is, or in a different creative subject.

We first visited the Toffee Factory were we got to meet brands such as Box Model and Digital Surveys, were we got to see what they did and got to see what happens in the office.

Then we went to a different company called DIFFERENT where they do advertisements for brands such as l’Oreal and Auto Trader. They create animations and also small leaflets or posters.

Pizza!We also got to go in the game room, with also a presentation and the lovely DIFFERENT paid for pizza for us, we got to meet a few people from the business explaining their path to where they are now in the business.

Finally we met a business called Orange Bus who work with brands like Aston Martin Racing and Barbour which are known across the globe and this company specialises in helping people with their digital websites and they are also app developers.

Overall we had a fabulous day out with the TICE team and would like to thank you for taking us to all the different businesses!

By Emily Jardine, Burnside Business & Enterprise College.