Through the eyes of employees in the graphics industry by Charlotte Kerr


IMG_2393As much as I’d shied away from the whole thing, I surprisingly still felt involved when confronted with numerous employees who worked in the graphics industry, even though I didn’t ask any questions. I was surprised how teamwork was used throughout the production and how they look comfortable in their working environment which has inspired me to have graphics a part of my career choice.

We went to three different companies, one being Everything Different, where an animator called Frazer inspired me the most in graphics. He had been working there for 2 years and for 3 years he had been studying graphics at Sunderland University. The company had an ongoing partnership with L’Oreal and Auto Trader producing adverts for them. Frazer showed us an example he was working on, the work itself inspired me. Another employee Marcus at Everything Different also gave me some inspiration when he was working on a hair studio layout, showing us 3D models of the bottle designs – seeing this pushed my choice for working in the graphics industry.

OBWe also went to a company called Orange Bus where there was a presentation on the stages of producing a product, I was interested in the designing part of a production. Overall how social and teamwork was being shown throughout the making of a product was very intriguing and inspirational to me.

Overall I enjoyed looking through the eyes of employees in the graphics industry and having a very fascinating experience I wish I’d taken part in some of the demonstrations that were offered to me but I shied away. But I thoroughly enjoyed my day visiting the companies and was worth walking through the weather.

By Charlotte Kerr, Age 14, Burnside Business & Enterprise College.