TICE Computer Science By Eleanor Dawson


EleanorDuring the silver stage of the TICE programme I have learnt about careers in computer science. Before TICE I had never considered a job in computer science, I personally thought it was quite a boring job to have but after the bronze and especially in the silver, I have seen how creative and fun and unique a job in computer science could be and its definitely a lot better than I expected it to be. I’ve discovered how massively important jobs in computer science are and how simple it can be to learn really important yet simple skills such as code. After hearing talks and Q&A’s from people in the business and especially those who have been incredibly successful in their career in computer science it really made me consider as a job for myself in the future and I found it really interesting learning about all the different roles and aspects and how much it revolves around friendships and teamwork as well as the actual work itself.

By Eleanor Dawson, Whitley Bay High School.