Thursday, August 16, 2018

Welcome to TICE Computer Science

Computer Science is very diverse subject area covering many different aspects of modern technology. Over the last few years in particular this relatively juvenile industry has grown to become fundamental to our way of life. As technology moves forward many things are made possible from connecting people across the world to advances in medical science. From shopping online to sending rockets into space. These human endeavours have been enabled and even at times driven by the area of Computer Science.

What the TICE Computer Science track covers:
We focus on software fundamentals and look at a little bit of hardware (through the use of electronics). We start off with the basics of program flow and simple problem solving then work up to a project where the students are encouraged to design their own solution to a real-world problem. The practical skills are complimented by discussions and talks about where Computer Science as a subject area can take you and how to take it forward if you would like to work in the industry.

Insight Stage:
We look at Scratch as an introduction to program flow and designing complex systems from simple building blocks. We also look at programming for the web and produce our first web pages.

Explore Stage:
Building on the practical programming experience the two days of the Explore Stage are split between programming in Python, which can be used for such diverse things as interacting with electronic devices to performing complex scientific calculations and even for programming Minecraft. On the second day we focus more on Javascript (a fundamental language for programming web pages) and look at how Javascript is used in a wide variety of places. The two days are interspersed with talks by people in industry who come from a range of backgrounds, some from small startup companies to massive multi-national companies.

Creat Stage:
In the Create Stage the students are encouraged to form teams and solve complex real world problems. With professionals on hand to help the polish their design the aim is to give them practical experience and a lasting portfolio piece which demonstrates their problem solving abilities and their ability to work in a team.
Core subjects: Art, ICT, Mathematics & Business Studies