Thursday, August 16, 2018

Welcome to TICE Fashion & Textiles

Fashion & Textiles are hugely diverse areas which need to be thought of beyond a textile classroom. In TICE, we have the expertise to look at Fashion & Textiles in a variety of domains. We split our fashion/textiles team in to three main areas; Fashion/Textile Design & Production, Fashion Trends, Design & CAD and Fashion Communication*For examples of Fashion & Textiles projects please scroll towards the bottom of this page.

What Fashion/Textiles cover:

Fashion/Textiles Design & Production:

Possibly the most traditiDesign and Make Projectonal of our Fashion/Textiles area. Projects are developed around the classic design process, starting with research into trends, considering customers/markets. This moves into the design and development areas of illustration and technical drawing. Pattern cutting can include adapting commercial designs but also can be carefully calculated patterns created from scratch. This moves onto fabric selection and fabric manipulation using core and contemporary textile techniques. To complete projects students are taught sewing techniques using hand and machine based methods. Mentored by Charlotte Liddle (Textile Designer).

Core Subjects: Business Studies, Art, Market Research, English, Mathematics, Textiles, Design, Chemistry.

 Fashion Trends, Design & CAD:

TICE Fashion Gold Stage 2014In this area of fashion focuses on the roles of the fashion researcher to designer. These projects involve more trend analysis or forecasting, buyer behaviour and brand awareness. This moves into the fashion illustration areas of garment design and technical drawing considering collections and range planning. Students who choose to go down this route are introduced to hand illustration techniques and visual studies but also into CAD (Computer Aided Design) using industry software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator to transform hand rendered illustrations and moodboards into digital outcomes. Students are also introduced to branding and marketing strategies when considering their final presentation boards. Mentored by Lottie Maddison (Illustration), Jennifer Barrett (Trend, Business & Marketing).

Core Subjects: Fashion, Art, Design, Technology, ICT, Media, Business Studies, Marketing & Communication.

Fashion Communication:

Fashion Communication

This area of the fashion industry is incredibly vast and requires multi-skilled individuals who are forward thinkers, focused project managers and enthusiastic communicators. Fashion Communication encompasses interests in fashion journalismstylingbloggingeditorialtrendsphotographymarketingbranding and social media. The projects we undertake are extremely varied and involve photographic shootsstylingcreative directionmodellingcreative writingjournalism and much, much more.

Students who wish to be involved in this side of the industry require a keen interest in journalismtrend forecasting,brand awarenessmarketingpromotionstyling and will need to be both creative big thinkers and have a keen eye for detail.  It will also help if they’re interested in IT and digital marketing and the role that technology plays in the world today. Students work in teams with different schools and so clear communication skills are vital in order to get projects finished on time.  Mentored by Katherine Wildman.

Core subjects: Fashion, Art, Social Media, English, Journalism, ICT, Photography, Marketing, Business Studies & Public Relations.