Thursday, August 16, 2018

by Anya BravinerPhotography is a diverse subject which leads into many areas, whether you’re thinking about Travel Photography, Music Photography, Sports Photography, Food Photography it can lead you into vast and varied industries that interest you. However, photography requires skilled individuals to capture and understand what they see, enabling others to visualise and develop knowledge of places, people, emotion, art, sports, culture that they may never in their lives come across so closely, nor with the same creative vision.

Like many creative areas, photography can be majorly overlooked as a profession with many taking the view that everyone can take a picture. Yet we ask this, billions of people drive cars but they are not all skilled enough to be Formula One (as much as they’d like to think so).

by Taylor Haughan (15yrs)Photography is medium which has evolved greatly with technological and digital advances and will continue to do so. Whether you’re thinking of avenues of commercial to documentary to scientific research thinking about where your images may take you and what value they could bring to any industry is an important starting point as well as developing your technical skills.

On TICE students are encouraged to research photography ideas, looking at subjects that interest them and generating ideas within their chosen genre.  They are always being encouraged to reflect on their ideas, their progress, what they would like to produce next and where this could take them. It is a vital skill to be able to reflect on individual progress and be able to see where they can improve.  If they can learn to take constructive criticism at this age, this will be a valuable skill in all walks of life.

Throughout the course the students are encouraged to use their ICT skills and this especially comes into play in the editing stage were they are expected to develop basic Adobe Photoshop skills.

Core Subjects: (this can entirely depend on an area of interest, for example): 

Travel Photography: Geography, History, ICT, Photography, Modern Foreign Languages
Sports Photography: Media, Sports, Journalism, Photography, ICT, Modern Foreign Languages
Music Photography: Music, Photography, Journalism, Media, ICT
Fashion Photography: Textiles, Art, Photography, Media, ICT
Medical Photography: Sciences, Art, Photography, ICT
Forensic Photography: Sciences, Art, Photography, Law, ICT
Commercial Photography: Graphics, Advertising, ICT, Photography
Documentary Photography: Journalism, Politics, Media, ICT, Photography