Mark Pattinson (Graphics)

mentor boardsMy creative career got off to a flying start after appearing on Tony Hart’s Gallery in 1985, (really showing my age now). I’ve been a professional graphic designer for over 10 years, spending 2 years at Futurebrand in London after winning a Futurebrand talent award. I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands from around the globe, including; British Airways, Hugo Boss, Barclays Bank, UPS, Levis, Mastercard, Virgin Atlantic, Pantene and Nestle just to name a few.

I’ve been working with the creative enterprise programme since it started in 2008, and in one word, it has been ‘amazing’. I’m in charge of all graphic design workshops and projects within the creative enterprise programme and have worked with some amazing young talent from various schools around the North East. Every year we work some fantastic companies who give up their time to support the programme by supplying live projects for the students.

I always get asked the question, “what is it like to work with so many students and professionals throughout the programme”?, the answer is simple…
I love it! Giving the opportunity to work with young creative students highlights just how much talent these young learners actually have.

They are given tasks and must work to very tight deadlines and processes, which they manage very well. I do push learners to achieve the best they can be; this gives the students an insight into the very demanding creative career paths they may pursue. I see learners grow from stage to stage, which is amazing to observe.

Working on the creative enterprise programme gives learners a true insight into the creative industries and the demands required to be the best you
can be. I’ve personally gained so many skills and know what it takes to be a successful designer, sharing these skills with young learners is amazing, and hopefully one day, it may help with their own creative career paths.