TICE Silver Stage by Charlotte Brown


I took part in the bronze stage of TICE as I am very interested in pursuing a career in the music industry, and I successfully passed the bronze stage and was chosen alongside many others to take part in the silver stage, on the first day we visited THE LOFT in Newcastle and we had various chats and presentations with people who work in the business side of the music industry. I found this very interesting as my knowledge of the business side of the music industry has now increased and I have now considered not only working in the vocal side of music but I also like the idea of running musical events and working in recording studios.

MusicOn the second day of the silver stage we visited THE SAGE GATESHEAD and had a tour around the whole place, further on in the day we did a musical workshop with Jamie, Sarah and Emily. We did a lot of fun vocal and movement warm ups that I have never seen before but really enjoyed taking part in them , then we were taught the song ‘Dynamite’ and we split up into smaller groups and built up the song with the tune, harmony’s , melodies and a bass, after we put all of it together I was actually amazed at how amazing it sounded , then we did the same thing for another song by the Jackson 5 called ‘I want you back’ and I loved that evenChar2 more, finally we were told we had to do a surprise performance of both of these songs to the audience in the café downstairs , whilst doing the performance I feel everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and it also boosted my confidence so much, as I felt comfortable  performing in the atmosphere of the place.

Char1I would love to take part in the gold stage of TICE as I am so interested in the whole music industry and find I really do want to take part in it as it is an amazing opportunity I would love to have. Music has had a massive influence on my life from a young age and just be chosen for the gold stage would be amazing as in my future all I can see is a life in the music industry.

By Charlotte Brown, Burnside Business & Enterprise College