TICE Silver Stage by Nathan Ohlendorf


For the silver stage of TICE we took two days off school to visit industries around Gateshead. We took part in many activities throughout the two days; I definitely left with more insight into the industry and really enjoyed the two days that were set up for us.Nathan

Day 1- For the first day outside of school we visited a new office building called VRTGO labs. In this building we had a large variety of speakers. The speakers shared with us their background- how they got where they were and why they do what they do.

One speaker, who I found very interesting, was Steve Jelly. He was part of a company called Hammerhead VR. He talked about the company and their work with 360 video and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. I found both very interesting.

After a short lunch break we visited the Northern Design Centre. Here we went to many different offices. One office was Kuro Dragon. They are one of the leading 3D animation studios in the country and I found their work fascinating.

Day 2- On the second day we went to Northumbria University. However, before we got on with our work, we stood out in the courtyard to watch the Solar Eclipse. Despite the clouds we still got a look at the Eclipse every few minutes.

Storyboard ThatAfter the Eclipse we split into two groups. The group I was in stayed at the University and created Storyboards using Storyboard That– either on our bronze stage or the first day of our silver stage. The software was nothing like what I had used before and allowed me to be very creative in my work.

After our lunch break we then visited Campus North and had a tour of the place. We learned more about the company Mozilla and their website as well as app designing and the many different jobs in the process.

We then returned to the University to go home. I had a great time during the silver stage and got the chance to meet some great people.

by Nathan Ohlendorf, Whitley Bay High School.