TICE Silver Stage

Reece2After a fantastic introduction to TICE at the bronze stage I have been lucky enough to progress to the silver stage. We began the silver stage by meeting up in Newcastle at the Loft recording studio whereby my school met the students from Burnside Business & Enterprise College and George Stephenson High School. At Loft we met Sam who swiftly introduced us to Andrew whom manages the studios. Andrew proceeded to show us around the recording studio and share with us much valuable knowledge in regards to the music industry and being an artist. Following up our introduction to Andrew was a presentation/discussion with Generator and James Smith, a self-taught dj/music producer. Generator, who I’d already encountered, gave the group a large amount of information about different career paths within the music industry. James shared with us his personal experience with the industry such as being contacted by Reece 3various record labels and how he managed being a young artist himself. After lunch, the group headed to Newcastle’s O2 Academy where we all received a guided tour and a run down of the building’s features and history. Did you know it used to be a bingo hall? I know I certainly didn’t.  This first day was extremely insightful and a great fore-runner to the day that would follow

The second part of the silver stage began with all the TICE students meeting at the Sage. From here we were introduced to Kitty who promptly gave us an in depth tour of the building and the various uses for their halls – whether it be from blues orchestras to wedding functions. I myself was fascinated by the sheer amount of meticulous detail that goes into creating acoustically pleasing halls. From the shape of the panels used to deflect the sound and even to the type of Reece1wood used, everything has had masses of detail and work put into it. The second half o this day was spent with three students who led a workshop full of vocal exercises. However at the end of this workshop, there was a surprise install for us when we were told that we had to perform the two songs we had learned to a live audience at the Sage’s very own restaurant. I relished this opportunity and enjoyed it very much. I really warmed to working with others who I had only known for a short period of time and would recommend it to any musician of any level. The entire package was very enjoyable as a whole and I would love to have the opportunity to do it again.

By Reece Monaghan, John Spence Community High School.