TICE Silver Stage by Shaun Rutherford


Shuan1One our first day we were introduced to many great people who worked within the IT industry. Many of them being HammerheadVR, Recite Me, Kuro Dragon and many, many more! All of the people representing their company came from very different backgrounds and told us how they became who they are today within their business.

I thought Ross Linnet from Recite Me being one of the many inspiring people who was there at the Silver Stage. He talked about his journey from being an athlete to making his company Recite me. What Recite Me do is support upcoming websites and help them by making them suitable for people who are disabled.

The next day at Northumbria University we were first joined by the sight of the solar eclipse which was cool. Then we traveled to Campus North to a building which was full of unique creations and people with great ideas “to become the next Facebook”. After an awesome tour of the area we did activities and teamwork games to simulate the work environment of building a website.

Computer ScienceAfter that we came back to the main part of the University to build our own story board using the programs on the computers and our ideas from the amazing Bronze Stage. However this finally came to the conclusion of the Silver Stage and made us think of the wonderful time we’ve had in the Universities and to met many great people along the way.

The Silver Stage really inspired me about working in the IT Industry and give me and all of the participating students from Seaton Burn College and the many other schools a school trip to remember.

By Shaun Rutherford, 14 years old, Seaton Burn Community College