TICE- This Is Causing Excitement by Paul Scarr


On the first day of this is creative enterprise- silver stage, we ventured to Baltimore House to visit the new VRTGO labs, where we heard representatives from unique computer science based companies talk about their businesses and how they came to be within computer science. I found it a very interesting trip, as one of the main things I picked up from the day was the fact that you should focus on your personality and work ethics when looking for a job within these companies, not so much how good you are within the subject.

Recite MeRoss Linnett is the CEO of Recite Me Ltd, which produces software, to help people with dyslexia read text on the web, by, as it says in the title, reciting it. I found his back story very inspiring as he was a very hard working figure, who made sure that he kept going. Ross would always try to make friends, which has helped him massively, by providing guidance when setting up his own company, as well as always making the most of his opportunities, just like we have during TICE.

After lunch we moved along to Northern Design Centre where we saw a few different working areas and the technology used within them. I actually found the offices a lot brighter and happier than expected, as I thought that they had a very nice atmosphere within.

Overall I would say that first day was outstanding in terms of inspiring us as well as educating us as learners into what we should look to be when we are older if we look for a job within the computer science category.

When we arrived at Northumbria University for the second day we found a big group of people looking up at the sky. “What were they looking at?” you may ask. They were looking at the solar eclipse, so the Whitley Bay High school students put on their special specs and joined in with the viewing. After a little while we moved into a computer room within the university itself, where we used the technology to create a storyboard which represented the apps we invented on the bronze stage. This part of the trip was my favourite because we got to test our skills using technology that none of us had used before, so we not only got to try out new things, but also show off our skills. Computer Science

After lunch we finally got to see Campus North itself, where we heard some more speakers and took part in activity which showed us the different jobs which workers do within companies like HammerheadVR.

To sum up the silver stage of TICE in two words I would say it was ‘tremendously influential’, meaning that it changed my whole perspective on companies like HammerheadVR and On:Trac, not only on how to get into it, but the work within the jobs, as on the outside it seems like it takes a lot of work, however it actually becomes a lot easier, due to the people around you.

Paul Scarr, 13- Whitley Bay High School