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Work Experience

The TICE programme starts recruiting schools in September of every year, from then on we are always on the lookout for young student mentors to help out. If you’re between the ages of 16-21 years and have an interest in the creative and digital sectors and/or teaching, then TICE Work Experience will be an excellent opportunity for you.

Watch this video to get a taste of what we do at TICE:

Introduction to TICE from This is Creative Enterprise on Vimeo.

  • You will be working alongside professional industry mentors.
  • You will be visiting companies throughout the region.
  • You will have the chance to speak to a vast array of employers which is another opportunity to get your foot through the door.
  • You will have something completely different on your CV or UCAS form.

“WE at TICE is simply perfect for anyone who wishes to have a future in the creative industries. As well as teaching/helping out students, you actually learn new things yourself along the way which makes the experience even more worth while.” – Megan Savage, 18. Studying Music at Newcastle University and intern at TICE.

“A further opportunity to learn the valuable skills needed to set you apart from the rest.” – Joseph O’Donnell, 18. Studying Fashion Communication at Northumbria University.

“TICE work experience has given me a further insight into creative industries on a more professional level. Going back, I have been able to revisit and really focus on the aspects that interest me most, gaining insights and advice from industry professionals. The programme and mentors have been especially supportive when applying for university, and I feel they have been key in helping me gain offers from my top choices.”Laurel Outterside, 18. Studying Fashion Communication at Northumbria University.

“For me completing work experience with TICE has been one if the best things I’ve ever done. I think I’ve learned just as much if not more than when I completed the scheme as a student on the pilot year. Getting the opportunity to work with mentors currently in the industry and knowing that they’ll happily offer any advice you need is a great help. It has also helped me consider career options that I never thought I could do. By being given the chance to run small workshops by myself I have learned that I do have the confidence to teach and that it is definitely something I want to do.” – Karra Allan, 22. CCAD Textiles Graduate.

We are looking for the 3 Cs:

Creativity: The word is in our name! To thrive in this work experience, you must have a passion for a particular creative industry. This could be Fashion, Textiles, Photography, Gaming, Graphics, Music, Film, Creative Writing, Media and Communication, etc.

Communication: Part of your work experience is being able to communicate well with the students and come across as approachable. In addition, we expect you to communicate with us. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a question, want to express concern about something in particular or have an idea that you may want to put across. Trust, comfort and professionalism are significant aspects of working with TICE.

Commitment: This is one of the most important aspects. TICE 2016-2017 is going to be even bigger and better than before, so we need you to be working to your best ability. However, we don’t expect rushed, poor quality work either. You must be committed to our planned workshops and very organised with excellent time management. If you say you will be there, then be there! The TICE programme is on average 7-10 days throughout the academic year calendar.


You will be supporting TICE Mentors on the BronzeSilver and Gold Stages of the TICE programme (if you can’t make all workshops please do not worry but please say on the outset). You will also be contributing to our TICE website by either blogging, video documentary and/or photography. You must be able to travel to and from workshops either by car or public transport so students from the North East only as most workshops take place in Newcastle Upon Tyne and surrounding areas.

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