#TICEcomputerscience by Jake Hill


TICE Blog Day 1: On the first day of the TICE programme’s silver stage, we visited VRTGO labs in Gateshead. It was great to go inside and have a look because we were told that the offices did not open to the companies who would be based there until the next week. After we got inside a series of speakers came to chat with us about their field of work (mainly creatively based jobs). They spoke to us about what they do on a daily basis and they were all open to any questions that we may have had. Some of the companies who came were, Hammerhead VR, Recite Me, Drone Lab and many more. Once the speakers had finished, I was left with a greater understanding of what it’s like to do these Northern Design Centrekind of jobs. The group of people was then split in two, with some going upstairs in Baltimore House to learn about marketing and others, staying downstairs for a short break. In the afternoon we took a short walk down the road, to the Northern Design Centre. I was inspired by the building, as it had a lot of extravagant and creative features. When we were inside we went to a company’s office. The company was Kuro Dragon. The office looked like a cool place to work and the technology they were using was really interesting. Overall day 1 was a great experience!

Day 2: On the second day, we went to Northumbria University. Before we headed inside, we watched the solar eclipse, it was great to see, as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. When we got inside, the group was split into two, I was in the group that visited Campus North. I didn’t know what to expect because I had never heard of it before. When we entered, there was a large community room where coders and local designers worked together in small groups. We were shown around the place, before being brought back into a classroom type area in which we participated in various tasks, to show how different parts of a company are run. Everyone then headed back to the university to have lunch and the groups switched activities. My group then went back to the room that we had been in at the start of the day. We worked to make storyboards on the computer, using a website that Sam and Sean (our mentors) had shown us. The storyboard was all about the game design that we had come up with in the bronze stage of the process. At the end of the day, I reflected on what had been another brilliant stage of the TICE programme and how it had really inspired me and helped me realise what working in the creative field is like!

Jake Hill – Whitley Bay High School