#TICEfashion – Student perspective #JohnSpence #Winningblogpost


#TICEfashion Bronze Stage Workshop – winning blog post from Isha, Beth, Katie, Olivia & Lauren (John Spence Community High School).

“Today’s been a busy day. We’ve learnt many new skills, this has really inspired us. Our favourite part of Bronze Stage was creating our ‘man-sculpture. For our ‘man-sculpture’ we picked a subtle vintage theme, we thought it would be perfect to pair this with Will.i.am as they clash but with this combination it was unique.


Today’s been amazing we could totally do this forever! We asked our teacher how her day at TICE was going she said ‘#Totally amazeballs!”. one student claimed “TICE gives people a chance to do what they want to do, we completely agree with this, it has been absolutely incredible”.


During this experience we were given a talk about the areas of fashion – we learnt so much! Next we created our own designs which goes with our theme. The designs were then all merged together which made our final design, which we are really proud of.


By Isha, Beth, Katie, Olivia & Lauren.