Two Day TICE Experience by Jake Lumley


MusicDuring my two day TICE experience I have been to many different music industries, this includes The Loft, The o2 Academy and the Sage Gateshead. Firstly, the visit to the Loft was very interesting as I learnt many different things about the music industry and what the best ways are of getting into it. After that we travelled over to the O2 academy where we had our lunch. After our lunch we found out some information about the venue and concluded with a tour backstage and on stage.

Screenshot_2015-03-19-23-06-49On our final day we visited the Sage Gateshead which has fantastic music and preforming facilities. I really enjoyed the tour and task we where given. I liked it how the full day was interactive and never slow or boring. My favourite part was when we mixed musical instruments together with our song to preform it in front of a audience. I especially enjoyed it as I got to play my favourite instrument the drum.

Over all I enjoyed the full experience and would love to do it again and even in gold stage!

By Jake Lumley, Burnside Business & Enterprise College, Year 10