Hello people. How are you? I have just had two amazing days of my life! On the first day I was at the Loft Recording Studio for people to talkMusic O2 to us about their musical careers and about their different lifestyles and what they do for a living. Two people that came in were from a company called Generator which we found out some lovely information. We also learnt how to get involved with musical industries. In the after-noon we went to the o2 Academy which was amazing. We talked about the 3 wonderful stages and the performances that are held. We were also so lucky that we were allowed to have a look backstage. I was so excited and hyper.

SageOn the second day we went to the Sage in Gateshead which was a massive building (this took us about a half-hour drive. I was literally gobsmacked. There is so much fun amazing stuff there that I would highly recommend it to everyone. That building is so big that it took roughly 4 years for it to be built. The lovely person that showed us around was called Kitty. She is so lovely. Kitty told us that certain rooms for the stages could be changed around for different viewings.  Also we spent some time with three students from there (Sara, Emily and Jamie) who told us about themselves. We participated in two activities with them. One of the activities was where we learnt two songs; Want you back and Barbers Streisand. Once we learnt them we performed the two songs in front of a large number of people who work at the Sage themselves. This was absolutely nerve-racking.  We also received a booklet about the Sage and about what types of activities that people could participate in during their school holidays.  We also received a guitar strum.

I was so happy with all of the information that I received over the two days. I would love to go back to the three places that I have been. It was a new experience for me and I hope that I get into the gold stage as it will be more of an influence for my future life. I also want this because it could help me with my GCSE music that I will be picking for my options.

By Courtney Dykes, John Spence Community High School