TICE kick started the series of Graphic Design workshops at Burnside Business and Enterprise College, such amazing talent was found in all our lovely students throughout the day, and we were sure to see the potential in up and coming junior designers!

We launched our workshop with an in depth presentation into the field of Graphic Design, where we educated the students into the industry and how Graphic Design is the core of all fields of design, whether you choose a specific route of Fashion, Photography, Interior Design, etc. Graphic Design is the Primary field and is perfect for those whose passion is widely spread across all fields of design and shows diversity in their talents.


We delved deeper into the main forms of graphic design, giving an insight into the TICE Graphic teams portfolios, to show how they could potentially work for some amazing brands and agencies throughout their careers. Finishing the presentation we informed them of the direction they would need to take to become a designer and how TICE can help them in moving forward, by showing example students who had taken part in TICE workshops and are now working in Industry themselves.

Shortly afterwards was the most exciting part of the day! Where we allowed the students to group together into 4-5 and made them into little design teams, as they would be in a studio. They were all given the task to create a mobile app, which would be fashion based. They had to design the theme, functionality and the branding for the app, which you could see instantly that their minds were running away and they were all itching to get started!

They were all instructed on the correct process that any designer would take, starting with a mind map, and then taking their initial ideas down on paper before developing it into final ideas.


As we expected, every group came up with incredible ideas and not one group had the same theme, brand or functionality. They all showed such potential, and really enjoyed the creativity of the workshop, which they loved how there is no wrong idea in the world of Graphic Design.

Burnside Business and Enterprise College was an absolute joy to work with for the day, and they all demonstrated their potential to progress onto the Silver Stage, which we are highly anticipating… See you in February guys!