Visit to local boutique Love Niche by Melissa Atkinson


Love niche

As part of the Fashion Silver Stage of “This is Creative Enterprise”, I visited some local fashion business and retail stores to find out what their businesses are like and the jobs which are involved. Out of the four places we visited (Newcastle NE1, Marks and Spencers’, Love Niche and Topshop), a small boutique called Love Niche appealed to me the most because of its back story and design.

Story behind Love Niche

Nisha Vedhara, the owner and founder of Love Niche, grew up with the world of fashion as her mother was a fashion designer in India so she always knew that she wanted to have career in the fashion industry and had the passion to do it.

Nisha attended Leicester De Montfort University where she studied business and administration. While she was there, she developed a love personal styling and enjoyed putting outfits together. So when she came back from university, Nisha went to London College of Fashion where she studied fashion marketing.

LNTwo years ago, Love Niche Studio opened on Clayton Street where she began styling other people and developing and designing her first collection, which was displayed at NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week. Nisha also told us how her career has opened her to lots of opportunities to travel around the world to show everyone what all of her hard work was put towards.

Love Niche appealed to me the most because of her unique and and elegant designs which truly show her personality. The clothing in the store were a one of a kind and a wide range of colours and styles, some in which Nisha designed.

After visiting Love Niche, it has really inspired me about what I want to do in the future and the career path I want to take as discovered how I feel about styling different outfits and fashion blogging. Also seeing how Nisha has transformed a small space into a glamorous boutique filled with beautiful, luxurious clothing and dazzling jewellery.

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Melissa Atkinson, 14 – Longbenton Community College