Today started as cramped as it ever could be… on the metro  with our teacher. We headed from Burnside Business & Enterprise College over to the meeting area Toffee Factory where we met the hosts for the show from @tice_uk. As we arrived to Toffee Factory we started with a nice simple tour of the place during this tour. I found how enjoyable it must be being a designer as we got to try out a lot of cool tools including the Oculist Rift. After this little tour we headed on over to Different where we got to meet many interesting people who have worked  years in commercial designing. I found this stage of the day very fascinating as I got to see how people do this type of stuff, not only did we get the chance for this, but the kind people of Different decided to order a delicious dominos pizza were I also found out Callum Ho can eat a lot of pizza.

After this tasty surprise, we saw some work getting produced at that very time, this was also nice just to see what I might see on future TV. After meeting the lovely people of Different we had a nice stroll along to Orange Bus a nice small place were big commercials and logos were made, when we first arrived we had a talk with two of the designers at Orange Bus this was interesting to see how designers felt about their job. After meeting and talking with the people of Orange Bus it was time to leave as they were ‘busy at work’.

I really enjoyed this day as it really showed me what it is like in the design industry. After this day, we soon waited for another visit with TICE on the next Monday were we will visit a university.

Yours sincerely Callum Heard, Burnside Business & Enterprise College.