Woodhorn Museum by Rhianna Sowerby


IMG_1281Today I embarked on a journey to Woodhorn Colliery with TICE.

The was filled with exciting activities and unique opportunities, all of which our group enjoyed.

The day began with 2 hrs in the art gallery, looking at the composition of paintings and how to use perspective.  When we were first told we were all super excited…..ok maybe not.

We all thought it would be boring, but it really wasn’t.  To our surprise we all enjoyed the activities.  It was fascinating to see how the miners in the 20th century lived and I enjoyed trying to reproduce some of the drawings.

IMG_1295After lunch we were sent to take photos of the area.  The creative freedom we had was great an allowed us to explore different ideas.

I never thought of photography before, but TICE has made me take better photos and appreciate pictures more.

By Rhianna Sowerby, Churchill Community College.