Fashion Gold Stage Projects 2015


The 2015 cohort for Fashion Gold Stage has come up trumps again with 3 teams of incredibly talented young individuals taking on creative briefs . This year we had the likes of Urban Outfitters (Newcastle), Topshop (Newcastle) and an important fashion issue surrounding throw away fashion inspired by a book written by Sandy Black: Eco Chic: The Fashion Paradox to inspire our fashion challenges. Here’s an insight into the 3 projects produced and the outcomes by our fashion students (remember they all only have 3 days to complete these projects!):

Project One: Urban Outfitters (Social)
Fashion Area: Journalism, Editorial and Styling
Mentors: Jennifer Barrett & Katherine Wildman

Fashion Project 2

For all the student’ work please view our gallery: 

Fashion Communication Gold Project 2015

This project was directed towards those who have a REAL interest in Fashion Journalism and Fashion Styling. Students were tasked with writing a blog post including directing a shoot for Urban Outfitters’ Blog section of their website. This involved researching trends, compiling a mood board, selecting clothes, styling and directing models, selecting photos, editing and writing editorial for a blog post.

*Can we also say a MASSIVE thank you to the staff at Urban Outfitters Newcastle branch for allowing this project to go ahead! Thank you!

To view the full project brief with all it’s sponsors please click Fashion Communication

Project Two: Eco-Chic: Sustainable Fashion

Fashion Area: Up-cycling, Design & Production
Mentor: Charlotte Liddle

Fashion Project 1

This project was based on up-cycling garments to a chosen trend based on Spring/Summer 2016. Student were placed in groups to work on an outfit which could be showcased at the final show. Each group was to demonstrate by using exciting and innovative textile techniques that they could transform old clothes and continue to wear them proudly, updated, still in style and giving back to the environment. Eco-Chic!

Students who chose this project are:  Emelia Nichols,  Sophie Oliver (from Burnside Business & Enterprise College), Madison Pearce, Kendell Scott, Clementina Mario (from Churchill Community College), Ryan Ashurst (from Seaton Burn College), Isha Ullah, Olivia Harvey (from John Spence Community High School) and Skye Johnson (from Heaton Manor School).

To view the full project with all it’s sponsors click Fashion Design & Production

Project Three: Topshop Capsule Collections
Fashion Area: Trend & Design
Mentor: Lottie Maddison

Fashion Project 3

This project was directed towards students with a real interest in the Trend Analysis and Fashion Design. Student were to act as a women’s wear designers for Topshop. The challenge was to come up with a small collection for the 13-16yrs market for Spring/Summer 2016. Students were given trends to review and asked to produce fashion boards such as a moodboard, illustration board and a range plan for the team at Topshop Newcastle.

For all the student’ work please view our gallery: 

To view the full project brief and all it’s sponsors click Fashion Trend & Design