Sadly, the time has come to say good bye to the Ladders course! It has been an amazing, life-changing eight weeks for all involved and I know the lads in the Music course will move on to great

In the studio session Matt finally got a chance to record himself playing the guitar and then later in the session could record himself singing, the lads in the studio brought them together and it sounded amazing! All that work finally paid off as he was really happy with how it sounded in the end. Froggy finally polished his song off! At first he again didn’t think that he sounded hat great, but after putting a slight echo on his intro – he absolutely loved it! “I feel good about that now man!” he exclaimed.

Everyone had a chance this time to record and clean anything that they weren’t too sure about. Sam talked to Paul about what he was making and they had a good chat about it, he ended up sitting at the desk of the studio and did his thing! I think he was happy to be surrounded by all the technical things in the studio.


Tom and Dan listened to their final track and tweaked a few things they weren’t a hundred percent sure on but in the end, loved it! I think everyone was sad to be leaving the studio but at the same time super excited to hear everyone’s pieces in the final presentation! They were also looking forward to seeing what all the other courses had produced over the eight weeks of being involved in Ladders.

I can’t believe that it is the last week of Ladders course – time has flown by for them! From being introduced in the first session they have come so far with their music capabilities, have shared knowledge with each other and even made friends with each other! Froggy, Tom and Dan even said they are going to collaborate after the Ladders course has finished which is amazing and I can’t wait to hear what else they come out with!


The final project presentation came around so quickly! It was nice for everyone involved in Ladders to be there, both mentors and people on the course all sat together and watched/listened to what every course had produced over their time with Ladders. With the three courses within Ladders sitting together; Music, Film, and Software. Film took centre stage first as they talked about what they did over the weeks. They went on to tell everyone the trips that they went on, all the people they met and showed everyone what they made in the last four weeks of production – after a little Q&A time from their mentor who stated “time definitely flew by”. The questions that the mentor asked really gave everyone and idea of why they produced their short films. “What are you going to do with your movie?” “I’m going to use it toward getting on a course and also for other short films”.


Another question was aimed at two people who collaborated on a piece together to make a promotional video for their own production company. “What’s the tone of the video?” “A tone that reflected us both as individuals, we aren’t pros we wanted to keep quirkiness and humour, have fun! It’s also informative and gets across our message.” The movies were really good and they all have a huge talent, super cool ideas from everyone there.


Next up was the boys from the music course who I’ve been following around for the past few weeks, everyone was really nervous when their music was being played to a crowd of people but everyone applauded and loved all their pieces! Like the other groups they also had a Q&A session led by mentor Sam who started off by saying “everyone worked really well together”.

He introduced Tom as an acoustic singer song writer who chose to write and record his own song, Tom said it was good to use high quality facilities with me and a friend, Sam then asked what the plan was next, “keep gigging and build up from there”. Congrats on the finished song Tom!


Next was Matt’s turn, Sam told everyone that he recorded a track which is something that he’s never done before, Matt continued saying “I found it difficult but hey, I had a go. Not finished but definitely on the right track.” Although he didn’t finish. Matt is a incredibly talented artist so I know he will go on to do great things!

Froggy was last as Paul was in the audience and unfortunately Barney and Rob were unable to make the presentation but their work sounded fantastic and I wish them all the best in the band’s future! Froggy said “Never had the confidence and I’ve been doing it for ten years…so a massive thank you” – inspiring stuff! Sam said it was a pleasure to work with a variety of artists as nobody from different backgrounds and passions.


Last to take the stage were the Software Development team, who had been working on a website and two other members had been working on a game for a computer. They were all fantastic as I can imagine all that technology is super hard to get your head around! One person said that their website design was “trial and error, but mostly research in design trends”. The others in the questions and answers were asked by their mentor what they want to do “I want to work in video games, I wanted to just put this course on my CV but actually ended up really enjoying it!” Another on the course created a game that you don’t have to play constantly and stated “It works!”. Their work was impressive and their games looked fun to play – I’m glad they enjoyed their chosen course as much as the lads in music enjoyed theirs!

Everyone was then told about Ladders Champions and how everyone could receive badges to show that they have completed the course – a little something extra to put on their CV! Then were told about other Enterprise Support workshops which the public can take part in!


The evening ended with six big boxes of extremely large pizzas – a wonderful way to end the night! Everyone had a little natter and then it almost turned emotional when the people of Generator and TICE were saying their thank yous! Some of the mentors even received gifts – it was really sweet!

These past eight weeks have been an incredible experience for all those involved. A huge thank you to the mentor of the music group Sam for letting me follow them around for this long, and a huge good luck to all the lads that participated in the course – all so talented and wonderful!

By India Kennedy (TICE Blogger).