Week 5:

This week has been a really exciting for the Music group in the Ladders programme but also for the others as all three sectors joined forces for a day of preparation for their final projects.


Everyone met at Newcastle City Library and was greeted by the TICE team, alongside Louise from Generator. It was a great opportunity for everyone to have the chance to meet other people on various courses. They started off with a talk given by the music mentor, Sam Burt, who exclaimed it was a privilege for everyone to be there. They were introduced into an icebreaker so they could find out more about the courses that everyone was taking but also get to know each other and properly introduced – it was a really good task which got everyone involved and made everyone feel more comfortable instead of sitting in a room surrounded by strangers. Silly but effective always works!


The groups then had a very relaxed chat with Jenny, who had some great advice and skills which everyone could adapt to in order for them to stay on task and organised. This included making a timeline to make sure they really stuck to their tasks – which is only in a few weeks, how time flies! She said “don’t over complicate things” and “people will always understand” meaning that you can just keep things as simple as possible and try not to over book yourself and commit to things that you’re unable to go through with. “What can you take out of this course?” was Jenny’s key point, causing everyone to seriously consider what path they truly want to go down and how Ladders can shape that. She gave steps of what they need to do and encouraged them to embed different elements such as; design, trends, finance, and guidance. They all seemed incredibly determined in their end projects and with help from the Ladders team, I’m sure that they’ll succeed in their final projects and beyond!


Each sector split off after this, back to the music team to work on their own projects. They began to make timetables of everything they wanted and needed. They’re ideas seemed amazing! They all decided that they want to record, whether it be singing or playing instruments. The concept of professional/publishable recording was an especially exciting moment for them all, including myself, who believes that there is some real talent within the group and I’m desperate to see what they all end up producing! They were talking of where they wanted to go to record and discussed among themselves how they’re going to go about it and what times they can fit in so everyone can produce what they wished too. Some of them haven’t had the chance to work in a studio before so in certain aspects, this will be a completely new experience for them – nonetheless, their knowledge and passion for what they do is so evident, which gives me no doubt that they’ll do a fantastic job. It’s interesting to observe these guys in thinking about the short term but also the long term of how they can use this course to benefit their future careers.

Within this session I have been familiarised the same key word that I have overheard for the past few weeks of observing these groups…connections. The group have had access to so many big names in the industry, many who have the ability and willingness to help them after this course but also during their experience. I’m really excited to see and hear what the lads come up with, considering the opportunities they’ve had to meet professionals for the past 5 weeks, being the primary influence of their final piece.

By India Kennedy (TICE Blogger)