It’s the seventh week for the Ladders course, which means there is only one week left for everyone in the project, but also only one week left until it’s all over – boohoo! This week the Ladders music course found itself in BLAST Recording Studios, the lads have been here before and knew the drill.


Like always, Sam the mentor of the group, helped the guys out with whatever needed doing. This week, Barney and Rob were recording the drums and guitar for a piece they are working on for their band that they play in outside the course – it was great for them to use the studio as I’ve been told it’s really hard to record the drums! Throughout the session in BLAST everyone was practising what they were going to be doing in the 4 hours that they had there. As well as Barney and Rob recording, Froggy had another listen to the grime track that he had been working on last week and although he was sceptical at first, he was starting to like the sound of it!music-wk7a

Other people in the group found it easy to chill out at Blast and take some time to practice what they were doing, whether it be the guitar, the piano or doing vocal exercises. It’s as if everyone in the group can teach someone something different every week. It’s the last week next week so I think everyone will miss each other when they don’t see them every week – bless their cottons! Tom was practising playing his guitar and then his friend Dan joined in rapping to the music he was making which was nice to watch. Later in the session they were able to record Tom on the guitar (as Dan recorded his vocals already) and listening to them both together it really worked! Tom and Dan are already in a band together and they wanted to record a song for an EP release to get their band more well known by people. They’ll be finishing their song next week before the final project presentation in front of all the other Ladders course groups!


Matt also practised playing his guitar so he can record next week, as there wasn’t enough time for him to record his song this session but he will be next – and it’s sounding really good! He even taught the mentor Sam a new vocal warm up as he used to sing opera but now has a rock approach within his music. Paul was still producing on his laptop using his launch pad and some fancy looking software – it’s all very techy! Froggy also commented on how techy BLAST is altogether as only one person in the group knew how to work the desk. It was commented that it seemed like they were speaking a different language when discussing what the different buttons did!


Some of the lads took a well-deserved break from recording with some table football for entertainment. BLAST is such a friendly environment to be in and it has such a good vibe that I think the lads really picked up on because they all seemed to be 100% motivated and enthused. It’s also such a big space, so it enables everyone to do what they need to do in order to complete their final pieces. In their little break, I asked them all how they were finding the course and how they found BLAST in general. I got some really positive feedback off all of them “It’s explosive!” exclaimed Paul and Tom, a man of many words said “generally it’s mint, it’s a really mint studio”.
They’ve achieved so much this week and are all enjoying the experience of being in a studio – I have no doubt they’ll be gutted when it ends!


By India Kennedy (TICE Blogger).