Week 3 of Ladders Software Development was certainly a memorable one! Monday and Wednesday evening consisted of a full introduction to Python – a software which at first I found really hard to understand. Nonetheless, with the support of Phil and showing us how to code Python in Brackets, we were then able to join a group of people who meet up themselves to ‘play’ with python.


Furthermore, we made a game that used components from other popular games including Pokémon and Pac-Man (primarily owned by Nintendo and Namco). This is when I fully began to embrace the technique of Python, after a member of this group managed to make some of the complex coding look so doable.


We then made a game that had a scoring system – it was certainly not perfect and there was room for significant improvements but I was incredibly proud of what we managed to build in that time frame. More importantly, it was so much fun for me as I have struggled with code so much in the past. I enjoy my game and so I have continued to play with the code at home in the hope to continue this project through making positive changes/improvements. This is what I find so appealing about this course – I now have the motivation and persistence to fulfil a task that I would previously be so hesitant to complete.



Friday was another fantastic insight into software businesses. This time, we met three different companies and they all stopped by at Campus North to chat with us, companies that varied in size and successes – Watch With Me (Kev and Jo), Talk Be (Craig) and Mooshoo Labs (Tristan). I found the talks very informative and interesting, as they told us about their achievements, down-falls and what they look for in employees. Hearing from the perspective of professionals who have experienced so much is something that any aspiring Software Development creator would want to witness – it was truly a pleasure to gain so much insight from those who had the same dreams as I do right now. One of our group members was particularly vocal and enthusiastic about being interested in the gaming industry so we had a lot of insight on this, which shows just how varied and open-minded these people were about this vast industry. I was particularly surprised to hear that they don’t look for a degree as they believe this might show only theoretical knowledge, which doesn’t necessarily showcase the ability to do the job and grow throughout. Overall, having the opportunity to talk to both an established company and start-ups has revealed the potential to thrive in Software Development either way.software-wk3

Week 3 has been filled with life lessons and motivation to work on my craft. These experiences are exactly what I need to take through the rest of my career and possibly one day, I can be one of those people sharing my wisdom to Software Development fanatics. See you in Week 4!