Ladders: Software Development (Mon 26th & Wed 28th)
The Monday session was the introduction to the course; this was the first time meeting the group and the introduction to what we are doing over the next 8 weeks. We were introduced to the various companies involved with the Ladders programme, as well as our tutor for our chosen course (Software Development), Phil Jeffes.


We split from the other groups and were shown around Campus North, a creative enterprise hub and co-working space for small companies and start-ups in the North East. It was interesting to see what we were potentially working towards and seeing the hard-built companies that exist within Campus North.

We were introduced to web programming and this started with an introduction to HTML and CSS. This took the form of a presentation ready for a workshop on the Wednesday. We learned a lot of different things about the way that websites are put together and how small changes in code can produce very big results on the final design.


The Wednesday session provided us a brilliant opportunity to get stuck in with software development. We used Brackets, a tool for creating web pages, to explore some of the possibilities that can be achieved with web design. We also looked at how we can make CSS which reacts as a user moves the cursor around the page. This allowed us to gain insights into user experience and user interface design which was an interesting way of putting yourself in the users shoes to visualise how they might approach and use a site you were designing.


Overall, the first of Software Development has been a huge success. I have already discovered so much about this creative sector, so I wonder just how much I will grow over the next 7 weeks. The other members of the group spoke positively about the session afterwards, which shows that on a wider scale, we have all felt like we were developing our craft on an individual level, as well as communicating with each other effectively. Bring on week 2!

By Josh McCulloch