Photography Bronze Stage


Introducing the Bronze of Photography by Photography Mentor – Katie Lee:

For the bronze stage I want to give the students an introduction to the creative side of photography and also give them an idea of the work you can do as  professional photographer.  I want to give them information about how to get there, what college courses are available and how they can develop themselves as a professional photographer. 

I then want to give them an introduction to the creative side of photography, looking at composition and how to make better photographs.  The students are set a challenge to produce a brochure for their school using photographs they take on the day.

I don’t want the students in the classroom all day, so the morning is spent looking at the different career options and also looking at photography and what makes a good photograph.  In the afternoon the students go out taking photographs of their school and then produce a PowerPoint brochure..

I’m looking for the students to really engage with the whole medium of photography and get to know how diverse your career could be.  Also get to grips with image making and how to start looking at the world in a different way to produce really strong creative photography.