Thursday, November 15, 2018

Creative Enterprise

Introducing TICE Creative Enterprise. Here you can find out more about our national award-winning TICE programme and also Enterprise Taster Workshops. || TICE Creative Enterprise explores all areas of creative sector from large design agencies to freelance careers and the process of entrepreneurship .

The TICE Programme

Join secondary schools around the North East region that participate in the annual TICE programme. The programme consists of all elements - Insight, Explore and Create Stages with a celebratory 'TICE Final Show' at the end of the academic year.

Taster Enterprise Workshops

If your school cannot participate in the TICE programme (Insight, ExploreCreate Stages & TICE Final Show) for whatever reason or your school would like to sample another area alongside the programme then please view the Creative Enterprise Taster Workshops below.

1. Insight into Enterprise

This one-day workshop takes place in school and is an introduction to creative industries. This involves a broad overview of the creative sector and entreprenuership, career progression and fundamental creative business knowledge.

2. Explore Enterprise

Explore workshops run over a period of two days. This involves taking students out of school and immersing them into creative industries. Students have the chance to participate in ‘behind the scenes’ tours, speak with creative entrepreneurs and business professionals. We look into further and higher educational courses and look at key skills the creative sector is looking for.

3. Create in Enterprise

'Create in Enterprise' are 3 day workshops whereby schools can select project of their choice. Students will gain further insight into a specific area of creative entrepreneurship. Each project will involve guest speakers, tours, skills development and a completed piece of individual or group work.

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