Who are you and what do you / your business do?

Amanda Nicole School of Dance. We provide Dance Tuition & Dance Education to young people and Schools, Colleges. University’s across the North East. For our own students we provide performance opportunity’s and examinations twice per year leading on to full teaching qualifications.

How come you chose the industry you’re in now? What makes it special?

Dance has always had a place in my heart, I loved working with children and wanted to be a dance teacher

What has been your biggest professional success?

Our Dance Crew: ANSD becoming the Heelys UK Official Dance Crew and them winning Britain Does Variety in 2011, they competed against the whole country initially, and then 31 acts in the regional semi final and 16 acts in the national final, we won a performance at the O2 in London.

What do you feel is the hardest thing about getting into your industry today?

Lack of information and guidance, when I was at school Dance was not very popular and I was told off the careers adviser that this was not a proper job or career and to pick something else. I of course ignored that comment and set out to prove everyone wrong!

What advice would you give to a student aspiring to be in your industry?

Listen to professionals, don’t watch the self trained people that set up their own classes / businesses as they are usually very short lived. Seek professional training and guidance always!

In your opinion, if you were hiring what would make a good impression?

Organisation is the top of my list to look for in young people, this job is very demanding with a lot of deadlines and you could be the best teacher in the world, but if you are not an organised individual then this would be an industry you would struggle in

Do you think it’s important for young people to have access to creative opportunities (such as TICE), and why? 

Yes I do feel it is important as not everyone is academic and some excel in creative industry’s where they may have not done very well academically. And a lot of times Creative people are written off at school as problem students when indeed they usually aren’t, they just aren’t as academic as some. But show when given creative tasks that they excel in these areas instead.

How do you feel access to creative opportunities in schools has changed over time? (for example, in comparison to when you were in secondary school or throughout further studies) 

There was nothing when I was at school, we didn’t have dance like they do in schools today. Apart from Barn Dancing at Christmas! Lol. Although I still feel what they have today isn’t enough. Schools take you as far as GCSE and A Level usually and I do feel this isn’t enough to prepare anyone for the real working world, even then going on to College this still does not prepare a young person for this industry

Do you feel the current curriculum provides a sufficient amount of exposure to creative industries? 

No not at all, no where near enough!

Is it realistic for young people to pursue experience in creative industries? (in the sense that there is actually a job market in these fields).

There are jobs out there but it is a very competitive industry, and without proper knowledge and training it becomes hard for creative people to obtain jobs in their chosen field

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